Learn with SHAKTI

Development Environment

Note: The entire setup works correctly for UBUNTU 18.04. For issues using other Linux variants and ubuntu versions, Please contact the SHAKTI TEAM. Basic understanding of Linux commands is required. Read about the most frequently used Linux commands

Tool Chain Installation

1. Prerequisites :

Install Ubuntu 18.04 and include the below software dependencies. (Copy and Paste the below commands in terminal and press enter).

2. Downloading the Tool-chain :

The SHAKTI-TOOLS repository contains both 64-bit and 32-bit toolchain, for building your application.

Note: This will take alot of time. It is strongly suggested to deactivate "Suspend" from "Systems Settings" (Wheel in Top Right Corner) -> "Power" -> Select "Don't Suspend" on "Battery Power" and "Plugged in". "Wired" connection is suggested rather than "Wifi".

* For other versions of Ubuntu or flavours of Linux, Please install riscv-tools.

3. Exporting the Tool-chain Path :

Export the Tool-chain Path to the PATH variable. This will help in using the toolchain everywhere in linux.

Note: The above commands will export both 64 bit and 32 bit tool-chains. If only one of the tool-chains is required, it can be exported separately. Please put the above lines in .bashrc in home folder. Learn more about bash, bashrc and PATH variable!

4. Open a new terminal and Run the following commands to verify the Tool-chain Installation: