SHAKTI Processor Program

Open Source Processor Development Ecosystem

Shakti Processors

SHAKTI is an open-source processor development ecosystem initiative by the RISE group at IIT-Madras which is not only building open source, production grade processors and associated ecosystem.

Shakti Software

With Shakti-SDK and sample applications start building your own applications in no time.

Collaborate with Shakti

Shakti program welcomes collaboration from industry and other institutions to expand its ecosystem.


An open source processor ecosystem to boost customization, collaboration between academia and industry to provide innovative, customized solutions without the hassles of royalties and NDA.

Shakti program

The SHAKTI Processor Program, was started as an academic initiative back in 2014 by the RISE group at IIT-Madras. Source code of all the components of the SHAKTI ecosystem are open under the 3 part BSD license.

Contribution & opportunities

We also actively collaborate with anyone interested in open source processors. Please browse through some of the open-issues that we are currently working on here. If you are interested , collaborate with us.


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