Suhas Shivanna

Title of the talk:Advances in HW Security

With increased risks to supply chain facilities and advanced persistent threats targeting the hardware and firmware layers, holistic platform security that starts from the board design to hardware assisted identity management and attestation solutions will be key technologies that will shape the security of future embedded systems, IOT devices and data center infrastructure devices. In this talk, we will introduce a broad range of technologies and advancements in the area of hardware security with practical examples of how this has been implemented in enterprise products and solutions. The talk will focus on the design considerations for secure board design and battery backed intrusion detection latches to protect from physical attacks. The talk will also cover silicon based code/configuration verification and attestation solutions and secure hardware based identity management technologies. At the end of the session, the audience will understand key hardware security technologies and some practical ways of how industry is innovating in the area of hardware security for creating holistic security products and solutions.