Welcome to world of endless possibilities

With versatile Shakti processors and Shakti SDK create unique customised products to suite your requirements and imagination. Easiest way to get started to build your applications is to use Shakti processor in FPGA and Shakti SDK.

Shakti on FPGA

Shakti-sdk aims to provide support for different types of boards. As part of this plan, initially we support two variety of FPGA boards. Artix 7 35T board corresponds to E class and Artix 7 100T corresponds to C class. E class of processors are 32 bit cores and C class are 64 bit cores. The readme, includes information on installing Vivado, building the bitsream. board_use.md provides information on connecting a JTAG, programming the on-board configuration memory and running example shakti-sdk projects.



Details on board support for different classes of processors are given below

Vendor Documentation


For rapid prototyping and application development an IDE with an inbuilt editor and debugger is indispensable. SHAKTI is currently supported on Platform IO and Arduino IDE.
Platform IO using Visual Studio Code

Build and Run Application

Shakti SDK provides all necessary tools, scripts, board support packages to build your application. SDK also provides sample programs to use various sensors. Shakti SDK User Manual provides further details.

Sample Applications

Sample applications are provided in Software page

Next Steps

Want to productise prototype, contact Shakti to help you roll out your product.